Artificial Intelligence has been recently making big waves in media over the recent past with Elon Musk’s OpenAI beating professionals at DOTA 2 or Artificial Intelligence recreating the periodic table within hours. It is impossible to go through your day on the internet without coming across at least one article that talks about a new feat achieved in the field. In fact, Artificial Intelligence is not just some distant dream now but is well integrated into our lives and many online apps and services we use examples include YouTube and Facebook. This makes it important for us to understand what Artificial Intelligence is and how to works if we use apps and services so very frequently that make use of AI to better our experience.

Simply put, Artificial Intelligence entails creating computer systems that are perfectly capable of performing a number of tasks that are usually associated with human abilities like thinking, understanding, analysing and more. Think about OpenAI beating professionals at a game of DOTA 2. It’s a complex game that requires you to adapt to the situation that arises as and when it does. Now imagine pitting a computer against a human in such a scenario where the combinations are endless.



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