No matter if you use a Mac or Windows device as your primary, there are tools available to you for editing the text and graphics within a document that has already been converted into a PDF. You can even do this type of change online, as well as convert PDFs back into Microsoft Word documents to edit your content in its originally designed format. It can be clearly seen that you need to install the program, Adobe Acrobat.

First check that it’s compatible with both Mac and Windows computers you are using. Not every version of Adobe Acrobat allows you to edit existing text files once you open your document in this program. The Adobe Acrobat software categorizes itself under Acrobat Standard and Acrobat Pro. The company which offers the following three editions in both product lines: Acrobat X, Acrobat XI, and Acrobat DC. These editions below allow for some basic text and content editing, as well as the ability to export your document into Microsoft Word:

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