The clients/customers have probably invested good money for their digital products. So when they have complaints about these product(s) they purchased, the company should either take care to rectify the problem free of charge or if the problem cannot be fixed, hand him over another brand new similar product from their store. Since the other product had glitches, the company should care to test out the new similar product from various angles and if everything seems okay, they should gladly hand it over to the client or customer and take back the problematic product from him.

What if all brand new digital gadgets of the same family of which the client wants one are faulty? In this case they should refund the client’s money fully if he has already bought one of them and promise him that a new rectified version of the digital product would be available in a month or so. To keep up with the competitive market, the company should be good on their word and actually call the client when the upgraded version is available.

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